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Inkas Spring Magic
(She's a Cutie x Stirling Majestic)  Harness with Chole van Roon

   Spring Valley Day Dream - filly
See her in the mare section as well.
Multi champ, many runner up supremes


Spring Valley Sunlight - colt
See Topaz on our stallion page.
Multi supreme


Spring Valley Enchantment - filly (Sold)                                                                                                                         
b. 7/11/04
Dam: Rosewood Rise 'n' Shine  Sire: Claremont Mendons Magic Man
Second photo is of Cherry being shown by Ruth at one of their NI shows  2005. Have lost track of her since.


Spring Valley Moondust -  cat B filly (below) b.25/10/05  SOLD
SIRE: Willowbrooke Thunder 'n' Bluz 34" DAM: Hampton Park Candlelight 37"
Multi champ and supreme

Spring Valley Illusion b. 17/10/05 (below) SOLD to Judy Ray, Takaka.
Sire: Claremont Mendons Magic Man 31.75"  Dam:  Spring Valley Daydream 37"
Black buckskin pinto Cat B miniature colt.  (now gelded), Judy has just broken Cola to harness.
Multi champ/supreme
Shown lightly as a foal for 3x champs and two reserves. NMHSNZ Hi point Foal of the Year. RH photo @ 5 yrs by Judy Ray.
Spring Valley Eclipse (below) b. 12/01/06  SOLD to Kaye Merriman
Sire: Spring Valley Sunlight   Dam: She's A Cutie  
Photos at 2 weeks old and as a yearling and 3 year old with Kaye Love.

Spring Valley Skyelark b. 7/10/05   Cat A filly - SOLD to Alice Moran - Nelson
Sire:   Willoway Fenando      Dam:  S. V.  Minuette
Multi champ

Spring Valley Twilight b. Dec 2006  cat B filly - reg'd NZMHA
Sire: S.V. Sunlight  Dam: Hampton Park Candlelight
Chestnut/roan/sabino? with white stripe. See her on our mare page.
Multi Supreme inhand and harness

Spring Valley Fantasy b. Oct 2006 small cat B filly  reg'd NZMHA, NMHSNZ
Sire: S.V. Sunlight  Dam: S.V. Daydream
Mutli champ


Spring Valley Charade  b.Jan 2007 cat A colt - SOLD to Denise Langmuir - Tapawera
Sire: Claremont Mendons Magic Man  Dam: Lazy Acres Mystery Image
Pictured at one week.


Spring Valley Syrrah (sold in utero)
Sire: S. V. Sunlight Dam: She's A Cutie
and hahaha extremely overweight here. She has been shown successfully and now in harness


Spring Valley Showtime (below) B. 10/11/2007  Cat B gelding -
 SOLD reg'd NZMHA pale silver buckskin
Sire: S.V. Sunlight  Dam: S.V. Daydream

Multi supreme at three months old - continuing successful show career now with Bron Beaumont

Spring Valley Silhouette b. 21/10/2007 Cat A colt - SOLD to Denise Langmuir - Tapawera
Sire: Claremont Mendons Magic Man Dam: S.V. Minuette
Jet at 2 weeks old

Spring Valley Reflection b.  /12/07 cat B colt - SOLD to Kathy Keelty
Mutlti champ
Sire: S.V. Sunlight  Dam: Willovale Reds Summerset Gold

Spring Valley Obsession b.  /12/07  small cat B filly  - SOLD
Sire: S. V.  Sunlight  Dam: Lazy Acres Mystery Image
Four weeks and then at three years.

Enbes Dark Krystal b. 14/11/07  cat B filly - SOLD to Jenifer Strachan - Christchurch
bred by Nicola Bean - multi champ and supreme
Sire: Cherokee Warlord (imp Aust)   Dam: Little Raindrop Sapphire


Spring Valley English Rose  b. Nov 2007 cat B filly SOLD  
Sire: S.V. Sunlight  Dam: Hampton Park Candlelight
Full sister to SV Twilight...hard to believe.... .
As a foal and again at three years , paddock condition - very much like her mother!


Shenandoah Midnight Magic
Cat A filly foal b. 21 Oct 2008 (retained by Kalah) - Supreme
Dam: S.V. Moondust  Sire: Claremont Mendons Magic Man
Shenandoah is our new stud name.
Champion Youngstock and Top Five Allbreeds sash at first show at six months. See her on the mares page.
  Spring Valley Sunsette - SOLD Carrie-Anne Pellow
Cat  A filly foal b. 31st Oct 2008 - multi champ
Dam: S.V. Minuette  Sire: S.V. Sunlight
Multi champ

Spring Valley Azure - gelding SOLD
b. 8th November 2008
Dam: Little Raindrop Sapphire  Sire: Claremont Mendons Magic Man
Has been shown, do not know any results though.

Shenandoah Springlight - has come home
November 2009  
silver dapple colt - multi Champ in first show season as a  2 year old
SV Twilght x Pencarrow Apache
Being shown in harness this season


Spring Valley Finality - SOLD
November 2009
Cat B silver bay filly - Supreme @ 3 mths and multi champ with Michelle
SV Daydream x Pencarrow Apache